Hello Parents!

This Sunday June 11th training will be moved for the B group to 5-8 pm due to an event that I am taking part in Sunday afternoon. I hope this doesn’t affect anyone’s schedule, please let me know if it does.
Secondly, with competition season officially over for our group we are now starting to enforce a few more rules/expectations at the gym which will help with the effectiveness and potential in your daughters training.
1) All athletes must wear a body suit to training. It is required for athlete safety while coaches are hand spotting athletes. Tank-tops and t-shirts alone are not acceptable.
2) Athletes must come to training with a positive attitude and have complete emotional control. As these girls progress into higher levels, a higher standard is required for their emotional and mental capabilities as well as their physical capabilities.
3) Saying thank-you to your coach when they present and give high-fives at the end of practice. We started this rule a few years ago and as new athletes came into the program it dwindled down a bit so we want to ensure athletes are thanking their coaches because it does show a sign of respect towards our coaches.
There are also a few additional rules within the gym itself such as putting mats away, keeping belongings such as water bottles, slippers and braces in designated areas, and things like that which we are trying to ensure so our gym can stay as clean and tidy as possible.
I am also wanting to plan an end of the year celebration on Thursday, June 29th for both the C and B group and Fast Cat. It might be at the gym or we could do something outside of the gym as well depending on what the girls are interested in doing. Maybe something outdoors would be fun as well! I will keep parents posted once I have an idea.
Once again thank-you. It has been a wonderful competition season thanks to our dedicated parents and athletes. It wouldn’t be such a joy to coach these athletes without such amazing parents in our program.
P.S. – Make sure you get in your summer and fall registrations in as soon as possible!
Kind Regards,

Katherine Collins

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