Trampoline and Tumbling Classes

Boys & Girls 6 to 16 years

School Age Trampoline Gymnastics Classes (For ages 6 and older)

The Trampoline and Tumbling Program teaches the safety and development of skills on tumbling, the trampoline, and the double mini trampoline through introductory to advanced levels. In a fun and encouraging environment, children gain leg strength, endurance, and good ‘air sense’ (maintain body control while in the air). Participants must be 6 prior to the start of the session to enroll in a trampoline and tumbling class. This is a safety precaution as we use the Olympic sized trampoline and it is recommended to be a minimum of the age of 6 for prolonged activity on the equipment. Please note that the first classes always review basics and landings for the coaches to practice safety in the gym, review skills, as well as get to know the participants. Although skills are acquired towards the progression of flips, we DO NOT do any flips in the recreational program.

Trampoline & Tumbling Introductory 6 years old. This is the first level of our Trampoline and Tumbling program. In this 60-minute class, participants will learn the fundamentals of the trampoline and tumbling discipline. A lot of the skills developed during this time will develop body awareness and control when in the air. Skills practiced in this class will help promote safety when on the trampoline.

Trampoline & Tumbling Intermediate In this 90-minute class, participants will continue to progress in skills learned in Trampoline and Tumbling Introductory. Participants must have completed the Introductory class, or have been recommended by a coach to advance to this level.

Trampoline & Tumbling Advanced  In this 90-minute class, skills continue to progress in our Trampoline and Tumbling Advanced class. Participants must have completed the Intermediate class, or have been recommended by a coach to advance to the next level. Participants will continue to develop and add on to skills obtained in the intermediate class. As the skills are more challenging and more are added to this progressive level, this may mean that the participant takes more than one session of this level to complete all of the skills practiced.