Information On Our Classes


You will want to arrive a few minutes early before the class begins to give your child time to change (if needed), remove coats, shoes/boots, and get to the bleacher area where classes begin. Children should be dressed in clothing that is comfortable so they can easily move: bodysuits, shorts, t-shirts are typical attire on the gym floor. All children are barefoot (except for Cheer classes), so no shoes nor socks. Hair should be tied back and out of the child’s face.

During class

Parents are to observe their child during classes from the bleacher area, one of the viewing rooms upstairs, or from the cafe area. Parents who wish to take pictures may do so from the bleacher area. Parents are not permitted on the gym floor unless their child is registered in a Movement Class (Tiny Tadpoles, Wee Tadpoles, Tumbling Tadpoles). Parents are welcome to take photos, but please ensure the flash is disabled as to not distract participants or other athletes who are training.


After classes children will be dismissed into the play-structure area where parents are able to meet them (some classes may also be dismissed at the gate near the bleacher area). Children are allowed to use the play-structure for free on the day that they have a class. There is a cafe area with seating, food, and cold/hot drinks available for purchase. Other children are welcome to enjoy the play-structure at an additional cost.

Pick-Up (for School-Age children)

If you child is under the age of 12 and participating in a program that is 60 mins or less we require a supervising parent or guardian in the facility at all times.



Frequently Asked Questions

What if my children miss a class? Do they get to attend another?
No. If your children miss a class, unfortunately,  they will just have one less class attended in the session. With the large volume of participants in our classes, we are unable to schedule a make-up class for everyone who misses.
What if my children do not enjoy the class or we have a conflicting commitment? Can I receive a refund?
Refunds are available for cancellation notifications received within the first 2 weeks of classes. Pro-rated fees for classes that have occurred and a $20 admin fee will be deducted; however, the Membership and Insurance Fee can not be refunded.
What is the minimum amount of participants for a class to run?
We require a minimum of 5 participants to be registered in order for a class to run.
Do you offer discounts on multiple registrations?
A family discount available for families who register 3 or more siblings in classes (in the same session, ie – Fall session). The 15% discount will apply to the lesser registration fee of the 3 children.
Do you offer payment plans for large fees?
For registrations that have fees exceeding $200, there are payment plans. Please contact A-Mazing Adventures for more information.
What is the Membership and Insurance Fee?

A $46.00 Membership and Insurance Fee covers all participants registered in gymnastics/movement activities. The fee is paid per child, once a year (September 1 to August 31). This fee can not be pro-rated.

This fee is comprised of 2 components; Gymnastics Saskatchewan fee ($38), Gymnastics Canada fee ($8) which ensure we have adequate insurance coverage and that we are a registered member of Gymnastics Saskatchewan and Gymnastics Canada.

Can I register my children in classes and pay later?
Full registration fees are to be paid at the time of registration. The only exception is for families who have arranged an alternative payment plan for registrations exceeding $200.

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