After weeks of hard work, we are pleased to announce that our new and improved Indoor Playground is NOW OPEN!

A few of the highlights in our Indoor Playground:

  • Play structure that includes 3 levels, a “Spider-Climb” Tower, walk-ways, spiral and straight slide, obstacles to climb over and through, climbing tunnel, and much more!
  • Play-space for toddlers including building blocks, mini glow-slide, puzzle, and age-appropriate toddler toys.
  • Colourful themed images, sitting blocks, and barriers.
  • Soft padding to avoid bumps and bruises!


You must have a wristband to play.

If you child is participating in a class, FREE Play on the day of the class. (If you play before your class, please pick up a wristband at the front desk)

Pay to Play if:

  1. Your child is registered in a class this session: $3.00
  2. Your child is a sibling of a registered participant this session: $3.50
  3. Your child is not registered this session: $6.00


Check out some of the photos from our Indoor Playground:

Photo 2014-11-24, 8 13 37 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 15 09 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 14 59 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 14 48 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 14 35 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 14 04 AM Photo 2014-11-24, 8 13 52 AM