Cheer Program

Cheerleading is a sport that consists of stunting, tumbling, jumps, and dance. It is the newest activity to gain full sport status in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada that has accepted cheerleading into full sport status. Gymnastics Adventure is one the few cheerleading clubs in Regina.

Gymnastics Adventure has teams to accommodate athletes of all ages. Our Tiny and Mini programs are designed to introduce young athletes, age 3-8, into the sport and familiarize them with basic stunting and tumbling while building strength and discipline. Youth and junior teams focus on the first step toward our high performance teams. Athletes, who are 14 and younger, will learn intermediate level stunting and tumbling and prepare them for advance skills by conditioning strength and technique. Senior and open level team accommodate athletes 14 and up. These teams push to achieve excellence in the sport. Building strong bonds with teammates is a staple in the Cheerleading program.

Our competitive cheer program runs from 8 months to 10 months depending on age and skill level. Our season starts in September and finishing at the end of April/June. Our tryouts are hosted at the end of August. We travel across province as well as outside of province for competitions.

Cheerleading builds strength, flexibility, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance. It is an accommodating sport that can suit different levels of athleticism. Our qualified coaches are trained to push and support athletes in their training in becoming better athletes.

Athlete’s skill level will be assessed at the beginning of the season and tracked throughout the season. This allows us to place athletes on suitable teams that will ensure each athlete benefits the most from their season of training and continue to improve their athletic ability throughout the season.


For more information on the competitive cheerleading program, or to request a registration package, please email