NEW THIS YEAR! Our e-School Learning Pod is structured to support and assist students who have decided to participate in Regina Public Schools e-School Learning Program. Each day, students will complete assignments given by their e-School Learning teacher, with the assistance and motivation of our “a-mazing” staff on site.

During the day, our curriculum will also include a physical activity component, art component, as well as other games and crafts. These games and activities are all designed to promote and encourage learning.

Our ratio is up to a maximum of 8 students and 1 instructor per class, to ensure proper physical distancing.

Program Details:

  • First day of program is September 14th
  • program operates Monday-Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm (following the Regina Public Schools 2020-2021 School Year Calendar)

  • nut free snacks, lunch and water bottle must be sent with your child

  • students must bring their own wifi enabled device for learning portion

  • only full-time enrollment is offered

  • weather permitting, students will engage in outdoor learning every day

  • each class group will be no more than 8 children.

  • small group and individual learning enrichment each day


Program Schedule:

Period 1 – September 14 – October 9th

Period 2 – October 13th – November 6th

Period 3 – November 9th – December 4th

Period 4 – December 7th – January 15th

Period 5 – January 18th – February 12th

Period 6 – February 22nd – March 19th

Period 7 – March 22nd – April 23rd

Period 8 – April 26th – May 21st

Period 9 – May 25th – June 18th

e-School Learning Pod Program closed for following holiday periods:

  • October 12th
  • November 11th
  • December 21st – January 3
  • February 15th-19th
  • April 2nd-11th
  • May 24th


Price & Payment Info

  • $1299/period tuition, charged on the 1st day of each period
  • 1 period notice required for cancelling current enrollment
  • Payment plans may be available, contact office for further info