SCA Tumbling Camp
Registration Opens May 1st at 7:00pm 
Space is limited so Register Early!!
This is an SCA subsidized camp and sessions are only $15 for registered members!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with one of Canada’s most elite tumbling coaches!
 ** In order to be eligible for any level it is MANDATORY that you have mastered the pre-requisite skills. Please register based on mastered tumbling skills, NOT on level competed.
Pre-Requisite Skills
Level 2 (back handsprings)
Front/back walkover
Connected cartwheel back walkover
Level 3 (tucks)
2 consecutive back handsprings
Connected round-off back handspring
Level 4+ (layouts + twisting)
Connected round-off back handspring back tuck
Warman – The Legends Center- 701 Centennial Blvd
  • May 26th 6pm Mental Block Seminar and Q&A  ($5, open to parents, coaches & athletes)
  • May 27 10am-12pm Level 2 tumbling ($15)
  • May 27 12pm-2pm Level 3 tumbling ($15)
  • May 27 3pm-5pm Level 4+ tumbling ($15)
Regina – Rebels Cheerleading Athletics- 296 Henderson Drive
  • May 28 10am-12pm Level 2 tumbling ($15)
  • May 28 12pm-2pm Level 3 tumbling ($15)
  • May 28 3pm-5pm Level 4+ tumbling ($15)
**Please note that there are a MAXIMUM of 15 spots per tumbling session. Sessions will be offered based on interest and are subject to change. Please arrive early and ready to go for your session start time wearing the appropriate cheerleading athletic wear.  Athletes who do not meet the pre-requisite skill level may be asked to leave.  The SCA has a no refund policy for all registered events.
About Coach Sahil

At 17 I could barely do a round-off to save my life.
By 19, I managed to become a competitive powertumbler.
And just a few years later, I joined a level 5 cheer team which won a national championship, and went on to compete at worlds. But now, I travel the world helping athletes learn elite tumbling skills in half the time it would normally take using the very tips, tricks & shortcuts that I discovered.
Qualifications At A Glance

  • Certified Gymnastics & Trampoline Coach
  • A Decade’s Worth Of Experience
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Author of The Cheer Diet
  • Founder of Addicted To Tumbling
  • Active Powerlifter
  • Voted 3rd Best Tumbler by Twist Magazine
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