Hello Parents,

A couple Spring updates:
1. May & June Bingo Schedule

If you would like to work any of the bingos, please contact Pinky @ 306-949-6850.



May 7,9,10,13,15,19,21,23,28,31 – 11:30AM-6:00PM
June 3,9,11,12,13,18,20,21,24,30 – 11:30AM-6:00PM
June 10 – 5:30PM-12:00AM

*No-shows or cancellations within 24hrs of bingo date will be charged as per the parent handbook




2. Cleanings
If you still have cleanings to complete – please sign up for them here – http://goo.gl/forms/mRBtnpRp1IVOmsdi1
3. Remaining Commitments
With the Prairie Invite competition over, volunteer hours from the event have been totaled and added to commitments in accounts. The balance remaining for families has been posted on the Team Adventure board at the gym (and is attached in this email).
4. Summer Training
Just a reminder for parents (or information for those who are new to the gym this year), our competitive season runs July 1 to June 30 (meaning a ”new” competitive year begins in the summer). During the summer, we offer ‘condensed training’ so that athletes can still train there total number of hours required during the summer period, to allow for other summer activities (family holidays, etc). The summer training schedules and 2017-2018 Parent’s Registration packages should be ready in the next week and will be sent to all families.
Amazing Adventure
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