HI Everyone – I just want to thank-you all again for helping us successfully host our biggest Prairie Invite in many years (maybe ever)!  Our GA families signed up for over 300 voli-hours!


In addition, several of you jumped in for longer or extra shifts doing any task, often rescuing us. You know who you are and I am eternally grateful.


Our GA athletes, in addition to being graceful competitors, are fine people.  Many, especially our young athletes, put in over 70 combined (additional to the 300) volunteer hours doing flashing, awards, raffles, and generally anything they were asked to do.  Parents of these kids (you know who you are) – thank-you for encouraging them to participate, and please thank them for all their valuable help!!  They made a significant difference to the success of our comp.  (Seriously, please tell them, as obviously they’re not on my e-list!)


Thanks to the 2017 organizing team, who did an additional 150-200 hours.  They are our masterminds and a pleasure to work with.  Thanks to my co-director Betty Krienke, and volunteer-parents April Wang-Reschke, Colette Mathieson, Jamie Petryna, Jeanette Petryna, Jody Pipko, Michele Nakonechni, Michelle Klimchuk, and Tera Grieve.


Last but not least, thanks to GA admin staff/management who spent months setting up this comp, patiently answering endless e-mail questions, and countless hours working during the comp.  Coach-Danni knows everything!  Jesse and Katherine did a great job on the admin-beast.  Amber is our quiet juggler of tasks.  Danny & Devlin at the GA helm wore too many hats to count. (I think I saw Devlin making smoothies, running for change, fixing the mic, finding JO music, and directing spectators all in the same 5 minute span.  LOL.)


To everyone who contributed:  many thanks, merci beaucoup, danka shoen, gracias, grazie, dankie, miigwetch, xiè xie nǐ!


Over and out…  Angie