Hi Parents,

For those of you who are new to the registration process, here is what generally happens for each meet. Once I receive the registration packages from other clubs I will forward them to you as soon as possible. The package often includes pages that are irrelevant to parent and are meant for the coaches only. Parents must pay attention to the pages with the registration fees and the waiver form. The waiver form must be either scanned and emailed back to me or brought to the front office. Payment can be done in multiple ways. You can pay straight from the invoice email, or you can come into the gym and pay with either cheque, visa, debit or cash. Cheques will always be made out to Gymnastics Adventure and then we will send one large cheque to the gymnastics club that is hosting the competition.
The registration dates that are posted to the registration packages are for the Clubs to have sent in all of their waiver forms and athlete rosters. The date that parents are to have their waiver forms and payment in will be much earlier than what it states on the package to avoid any late fees.
I made the mistake of putting the due date for Spring Has Sprung Invitational as “Immediately” instead of actually setting the correct date. The waiver form and payment due date is Tuesday February 28th

Some competitions request t-shirt sizes that they will be giving away. i need to know your daughter’s t-shirt size for the Moose Jaw competition so that they are guaranteed a shirt.
Thanks everyone I hope this clarifies any questions about competition registration.

Katherine Collins

Gymnastics Adventure